… support your site. Whether search engine optimization or readability – the support helps you to transport your content.


Offer your products in different variants. For example, you can combine individual products into gift sets. Or in the food area different taste variations of the same product …


Short term with promotional products or special offers, make your customers “bargain” aware. A temporary or even quantity limitation is possible. So: first-come-winns!


Product evaluations are essential for the trustworthiness of your webshop! They influence the buying interest of visitors.

Download – an alternative to shipping

Material products alone are not always everything. If necessary, Do you also offer goods or services which can not or must not be sent? Extend your product range and offer virtual goods on the Internet. Whether it’s PDF, video, music, image or program files, you can download it in your shop.

Filters help in the search

Who does not know this, you know what you want – but can not find it in the shop. With the filter search, you allow your customers to find what they are looking for faster. Anyone who enters a search term will see different filters – for example “specific product” or “evaluation”. The search results can be limited by means of these filters.


Inform your customers and visitors about offers, special offers or innovations. Communication with your customers will increase your commitment to you.