Marketing & Sales

digital-marketing-1497211Korn & Partner Consulting conducts its basic order and the resulting activities for market
positioning from the environment. In the consultancy, we have set ourselves the task of registering, analyzing and integrating the management environment with the management and the decision-makers at regular scout meetings in the company’s marketing environment.

Far-sightedness is thus one of the most important strategic elements in a competitive market.

In order to be able to ensure this, The following components are being questioned and discussed with regard to customers, suppliers, sales assistants, but also competitors and stakeholders. In our opinion, there are five components to be questioned:

  • Economic component
  • Political component
  • Technological component
  • Socio-cultural component
  • Demographic component

The marketing environment is full of opportunities and threats that every company tries to recognize in time. All partners who are involved in the business process play a role in these considerations.

In the “micro environment”, every company is itself with its employees, its suppliers, sales assistants, customers, competitors and various interest groups.

The employees themselves exert a considerable influence on the decision-making of the marketing executives. The same applies to the suppliers, the prices and the availability of the necessary inputs.

Both micro- and macro-fields with their impact on the marketing system and strategy of your company are regularly discussed with experts from Korn & Partner Consulting and are integrated into the planning process.

Marketing & Sales are processes in the company that are subject to constant change. Stagnation and the maintenance of “old” structures and processes prevents growth and competitiveness! Korn & Partner Consulting helps you to initiate these processes in order to remain competitive and to operate successfully in the market.

Our expertise covers the following areas:

Brand Strategy
Sales & Channels
Go-to-Market Strategy
Consumer and Costumer Insight