project management

We understand project management as an organizational unit in the context of the project organization, which is responsible for the operational control of the respective project.

The primary task is project management. By this we mean initiating, planning, controlling, controlling and completing projects. For smaller projects we provide the project leader, who leads the team alone and bears the responsibility.
For larger projects, this role can be supplemented by sub-project managers, who carry out their tasks independently and report to the project manager.

The tasks of the project manager as we understand them are first and foremost:

  • Definition of project goals
  • Planning and controlling the project
  • election of project team
  • Securing the flow of information and controlling the project
  • Making decisions
  • Project controlling (financing / liquidity assurance, recording of all employee costs)
  • if applicable, tendering and contract negotiations
  • Leading negotiations of all kinds
  • Enforce the necessary measures and enforce the contracts
  • Document and present project results
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Prepare the steering committee, answer for it
  • Final report for client
  • Documentation of the project

This is exactly where we put it, here lies our strength. Through years of project engagement, we have the experience, the Kong-how and the emphatic understanding of successfully implementing projects.